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Materials characterization a challenge in NDT for quality management

: Dobmann, G.; Altpeter, I.; Wolter, B.

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Created on: 11.7.2008

UCTEA Chamber of Metallurgical Engineers, Istanbul:
3rd International Non-destructive Testing Symposium and Exibition. Proceedings : Held in the Istanbul Technical University, S├╝leyman Demirel Culture Center, Istanbul, Turkey; 17 - 19th April, 2008
Istanbul: Istanbul Technical University, 2008
International Non-Destructive Testing Symposium and Exhibition (NDT) <3, 2008, Istanbul>
Conference Paper, Electronic Publication
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nondestructive materials characterization; material property determination; ageing

NDT is mainly discussed as an engineering technology to detect, classify and size material imperfections, called material defects. Lattice defects and microstructure inhomogeneities like vacancies, dissolved atoms dislocations and precipitations are normally not discussed as defects but they are influence parameters which mainly predict the macroscopic properties, the physical properties as well as the mechanical-ones. In order to keep these properties constant in materials production more and more material characterization by NDT is integrated in the production processes. So far material ageing by thermal influences or by fatigue is a task for inspection ND-materials characterization - mainly by micromagnetic techniques - is also introduced in lifetime management strategies.