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Software to provide security for Web Browser Cookies and Passwords using Trusted Computing Technology

: Kannamanani, R.

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Created on: 4.12.2009

Darmstadt, 2008, 132 pp.
Darmstadt, Hochschule, Master Thesis, 2009
Master Thesis, Electronic Publication
Fraunhofer SIT ()

For further development and enhancement of browser security, there is need to develop something new which provides the better security for the user credential information which will be stored in user PC through the web browser.
Although we have many softwares which provide the security functionalities for system, there are many vulnerabilities, so for this there is need to use some functions and specifications mentioned by Trusted Computing group. Therefore, the goal of this semester thesis was to develop software which provides a better security to the browser cookies and passwords by using the functionality of TPM.
In the course of this master thesis, the software was developed which have to be run before user opens his browser to browse and it works with more accuracy by checking the browser in user system process for every second, so that it will be active until user shut downs his system. Currently this software was developed only to work under Linux operating system to make it work with TPM and TPM emulator which will be used instead of TPM if not exists in user system.