Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Efficiency Potential Analysis of p- and n-Type Epitaxially Grown Si Wafers
Rittmann, C.; Dalke, J.; Drießen, M.; Weiss, C.; Schindler, F.; Sorgenfrei, R.; Schubert, M.C.; Janz, S.
2021Passivated, Highly Reflecting, Laser Contacted Ge Rear Side for III-V Multi-Junction Solar Cells
Weiss, C.; Schön, J.; Höhn, O.; Fuhrmann, B.; Dimroth, F.; Janz, S.
2020Kerfless Wafering Approach with Si and Ge Templates for Si, Ge and III-V Epitaxy
Weiss, C.; Schreiber, W.; Drießen, M.; Sorgenfrei, R.; Liu, T.; Ohnemus, M.; Janz, S.
2020Simultaneous Boron Emitter Diffusion and Crystallization of TOPCon Layers via Rapid Vapour-Phase Direct Doping
Drießen, M.; Richter, A.; Steinhauser, B.; Feldmann, F.; Polzin, J.-I.; Sahajad, F.; Ohnemus, M.; Weiss, C.; Benick, J.; Janz, S.
2019Correlating Template Properties with the Quality of Epitaxially Grown Silicon Wafers
Drießen, M.; Fehrenbach, T.; Kirste, L.; Weiss, C.; Janz, S.
2019HiPIMS and DC magnetron sputter-coated silver films for high-temperature durable reflectors
Gledhill, S.; Steyer, K.; Weiss, C.; Hildebrandt, C.
2017Oxygen Incorporation into Si Nanocrystal/SiC Multilayers
Weiss, C.; Reichert, A.; Hofmann, J.; Janz, S.
2015Porous silicon reorganization: Influence on the structure, surface roughness and strain
Milenkovic, N.; Drießen, M.; Weiss, C.; Janz, S.