: 11

2020Active common-mode filter for capacitive-coupled isolated signalling
Angerer Martin; Schwanninger Raffael; März, Martin
Journal Article
2020Conductive films prepared from inks based on copper nanoparticles synthesized by transferred arc discharge
Fu, Qingqing; Stein, Matthias; Li, Wen; Zheng, Jingzhi; Kruis, Frank Einar
Journal Article
2020Design of an ultra-low-power current steering DAC in a modern SOI technology
Venkatesha, Shishira Subbarao
: Lienig, Jens; Koh, Jeongwook
Master Thesis
2019100 Gbit/s terahertz-wireless real-time transmission using a broadband digital-coherent modem
Castro, Carlos; Elschner, Robert; Merkle, Thomas; Schubert, Colja
Conference Paper
2019A Cascaded Control Concept for Modular Multilevel Converters with Capacitor Voltage Estimation using a Kalman Filter
Ruccius, Benjamin; Kraus, Thomas; Westermann, Robin; Heckel, Thomas; März, Martin; Wagner, Bernhard
Conference Paper
2019Combination of sensor-embedded and secure server-distributed artificial intelligence for healthcare applications
Gembaczka, Pierre; Heidemann, Burkhard; Bennertz, Bernhard; Gröting, Wolfgang; Norgall, Thomas; Seidl, Karsten
2019Künstliche Intelligenz - Kompetenzen und Innovationspotenzial in Sachsen
: Kundel, Sandra; Schneider, Peter; Mayer, Dirk; Loos, Anne
2019Nitrogen vacancy centres in diamond for laser threshold magnetometry
Al-Baitay, Zahraa; Hahl, Felix; Nair, Sarath R.; Rogers, Lachlan; Gibson, Brant C.; Mildren, Richard P.; Volz, Thomas; Jeske, Jan; Greentree, Andrew D.
Conference Paper
2019A piezoelectric flexural plate wave (FPW) Bio-MEMS sensor with improved molecular mass detection for point-of-care diagnostics
Walk, Christian; Wiemann, Matthias; Görtz, Michael; Weidenmüller, Jens; Jupe, Andreas; Seidl, Karsten
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2019Pixel-Wise Confidences for Stereo Disparities Using Recurrent Neural Networks
Gul, Muhammad Shahzeb Khan; Bätz, Michel; Keinert, Joachim
Conference Paper
2019Tracking challenges of QKD over relay satellite
Sharma, S.; Perlot, N.; Rödiger, J.; Freund, R.
Conference Paper