System Configuration & Data Protection


  • STAR database server for Fraunhofer-Publica and Fraunhofer-ePrints (searches only fulltext documents in Fraunhofer-Publica)
  • STAR Z39-50 server / STAR XML-server / STAR-Web
  • Apache 2.2.11 Web server (mod_jk/1.2.32)
  • Apache Tomcat/7.0.42

    Hardware / OS
  • Sun T2000 (8-Core, 16 GB RAM)
  • 2 internal hard disks (each 73 GB) for operating system and standard programs (mirrored)
  • 400 GB external hard disks on RAID storage system
  • Operating sytem Solaris 10 (Sun OS 5.10)

    Data Backup and Failure Protection
  • Data backup using VERITAS Net Backup DataCenter on Super DLT tapes with ADIC AML/J Backup-Robot (access to 720 cassettes; equals approx. 2 months' data)
  • Hardware is kept in separate rooms from the servers; older backup tapes are kept in a fire-protected safe
  • Full backup every 28 days, keeping data for 1 year
  • Daily incremental backup between 2:30 und 7:00 a.m., keeping data for 2 months
  • Daily (at 01:00) reorganisation of the STAR-databases and additional backupsper tar command on hard disk over 2 generations

  • Servicing contract demanding 4-hours response time during office hours
  • Enhanced failure protection by means of standby servers and RAID systems of the same types
  • Additional hard disk with pre-installed Solaris and Restore-Client (as replacement for the mirrored internal hard disks) that allows restored data to be copied over directly.

  • Contact for data backup and data recovery:
  • Contact in the case of hardware-failure: Roland Wroblewski, Tel. 02241/14-2805; Stand-in: Claus Riemann, Tel. 02241/14-2150

    Operating Hours
  • Between 1:00 und 1:30 a.m. is the database access interrupted for database reorganisation.

  • 29.08.2007