Copyright Information


Under the Copyright Act (UrhG), an author, as the originator of his/her work, is the owner of all rights to his/her publication, in particular the right to reproduction and distribution. Additionally, the author may grant restricted or unlimited rights of use to another party. As is usually the case when an author publishes his/her work with a publisher, a contract is signed to grant the publisher the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the copyrighted work. By that, the author is bound by terms of contract   not to further distribute and reproduce the same copyrighted work.

For the Fraunhofer-ePrints full-text server, it is therefore necessary to ensure that the publishing contract does in fact permit publication. You may add the following clauses to the publishing contract to reserve the right with respect to the publisher to post an author’s copy on Fraunhofer-ePrints:

„Der Verlag und der Autor sind sich einig, dass dem Autor das nichtausschließliche, unterlizenzierbare und übertragbare Recht verbleibt, das vertragsgegenständliche Werk mit dem Erscheinen im Rahmen einer Open Access-Plattform, wie etwa Fraunhofer-ePrints (, öffentlich zugänglich zu machen.“

„The author retains the non-exclusive sublicensable right to post an electronic version of the final publisher‘s file of the article on the author‘s current institutional internet server (Fraunhofer-ePrints, for distribution, provided that proper notice of the publisher‘s copyright is included and that no separate or additional fees are collected for access to or distribution of the article.”

Nowadays, many publishers do make provisions to permit parallel publication of what are termed preprints (i.e. submitted manuscripts that have yet to undergo peer review), and in some individual cases, reviewed works are permitted too. Parallel publication may be bound to certain conditions, of which we fulfil the following:

  1. Specification of bibliographic data of the publication
    - We fulfil this requirement by enabling electronic full-text access through a bibliographic database only.
  2. Provide links to the electronic journals or publications of the publishers
    - We fulfil this requirement by verifying and linking the DOIs (digital object identifiers) of the publishers.
  3. Prescribed copyright notices
    - We satisfy the copyright conditions for the major publishers (ACM, AIP, Elsevier, IEEE, Shaker, SPIE, Springer, Springer-VDI, Wiley, and Wiley-VCH).
  4. Delayed open access
    - Some publishers only allow full-texts to be made freely available after a period of embargo. Please specify the embargo period to be observed, when registering your publication with us.

Comprehensive and continually updated information on the contractual conditions may be found in the "SHERPA/RoMEO List“.

Authors of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft may find more information on copyright and Fraunhofer-ePrints on the Intranet at If you have any questions, please contact your institute’s information manager ("Fachinformationsmanager").