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2018Binding energy referencing for XPS in alkali metal-based battery materials research (II): Application to complex composite electrodes
Oswald, Steffen; Thoss, Franziska; Zier, Martin; Hoffmann, Martin; Jaumann, Tony; Herklotz, Markus; Nikolowski, Kristian; Scheiba, Frieder; Kohl, Michael; Giebeler, Lars; Mikhailova, Daria; Ehrenberg, Helmut
2018Heat generation rates of NaFePO4 electrodes for sodium-ion batteries and LiFePO4 electrodes for lithium-ion batteries
Heubner, Christian; Schneider, Michael; Michaelis, Alexander
2016The effect of sodium on the structure-activity relationships of cobalt-modified Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 catalysts applied in the hydrogenation of carbon monoxide to higher alcohols
Anton, Johan; Nebel, Janine; Song, Huiqing; Froese, Christian; Weide, Philipp; Ruland, Holger; Muhler, Martin; Kaluza, Stefan
2016Sodiation vs. Lithiation of FePO4: A comparative kinetic study
Heubner, Christian; Heiden, Sebastian; Matthey, Björn; Schneider, Michael; Michaelis, Alexander
2014Explanation of potential-induced degradation of the shunting type by Na decoration of stacking faults in Si solar cells
Naumann, V.; Lausch, D.; Hähnel, A.; Bauer, J.; Breitenstein, O.; Graff, A.; Werner, M.; Swatek, S.; Großer, S.; Bagdahn, J.; Hagendorf, C.
2011Use of Perboric Acid, Sodium Salt (PBS) - Has REACH improved our state of knowledge on the risk for the aquatic environment?
Könnecker, Gustav; Regelmann, Jürgen; Grcar, Marko
2010Determination of structure and electronic properties of free, supported and ligand protected metal clusters by density functional theory
Walter, M.; Moseler, M.
1995Luminescence yield of SrS:Ce,Na powders
Hüttl, B.; Troppenz, U.; Venghaus, H.; Mauch, R.H.; Kreissl, J.; Garcia, A.; Fouassier, C.; Benalloul, P.; Barthou, C.; Benoit, J.; Gendron, F.; Ronda, C.
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