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2018Electrolyte mobility in supercapacitor electrodes - solid state NMR studies on hierarchical and narrow pore sized carbons
Fulik, Natalia; Hippauf, Felix; Leistenschneider, Desirée; Paasch, Silvia; Kaskel, Stefan; Brunner, Eike; Borchardt, Lars
2014Applications of NMR techniques for the identification and structure elucidation of emerging organic and other xenobiotic organic contaminants
Preiß, Alfred; Godejohann, Markus
Aufsatz in Buch
2012Synthesis of N-Dodecylethanamide-DTTA and characterization by mass spectrometry, NMR and IR spectroscopy
Kongtso, Adeline
: Butenschön, Holger (Erstprüfer); Schuchardt, Sven (Zweitprüfer)
Bachelor Thesis
2008Quantitative 1H NMR-analysis of technical octabrominated diphenylether DE-79™ and UV spectra of its components and photolytic transformation products
Geller, A.-M.; Krüger, H.-U.; Liu, Q.; Zetzsch, C.; Elend, M.; Preiss, A.
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
2006Characterization of ageing behaviour of environmentally acceptable lubricants based on trimethylolpropane esters
Hahn, S.; Dott, W.; Eisenträger, A.
2005Analysis of highly polar compounds in groundwater samples from ammunition waste sites. Part I-Characterization of the pollutant spectrum
Preiss, A.; Elend, M.; Gerling, S.; Tränckner, S.
2003Two new asterosaponins from the starfish Asterias rubens: Application of a cryogenic NMR probe head
Sandvoss, M.; Preiß, A.; Levsen, K.; Weisemann, R.; Spraul, M.
2002LC-NMR in environmental analysis
Preiß, A.; Godejohann, M.
Aufsatz in Buch
2001Combination of matrix solid-phase dispersion extraction and direct on-line liquid chromatography-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy-tandem mass spectrometry as a new efficient approach for the rapid screening of natural products
Sandvoss, M.; Weltring, A.; Preiss, A.; Levsen, K.; Wuensch, G.
2000Application of high-performance liquid chromatography coupled to nuclear magnetic resonance and high-performance liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry to complex environmental samples
Levsen, K.; Preiß, A.; Godejohann, M.
2000Isolation and structural elucidation of steroid oligoglycosides from the starfish asterias rubens by means of direct online LC-NMR-MS hyphenation and one- and two-dimensional NMR investigations
Sandvoss, M.; Pham, L.H.; Levsen, K.; Preiß, A.; Mügge, C.; Wünsch, G.
1998Determination of polar organic pollutants in aqueous samples of former ammunition sites in lower saxony by means of HPLC/photodiode array detection (HPLC/PDA) and proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (H-NMR)
Godejohann, M.; Preiß, A.; Levsen, K.; Wollin, K.-M.; Mügge, C.
1997Analysis of individual natural pyrethrins in indoor matrices by HRGC/ECD
Berger-Preiß, E.; Preiß, A.; Levsen, K.
1997Analysis of nitrophenols and other polar nitroaromatic compounds in ammunition wastewater by high-field proton nuclear magnetic resonance (1H-NMR) spectroscopy and chromatographic methods
Preiß, A.; Lewin, U.; Wennrich, L.; Findeisen, M.; Efer, J.
1997Application of on-line HPLC-1H NMR to environmental samples: analysis of groundwater near ammunition plants
Godejohann, M.; Preiß, A.; Mügge, C.; Wünsch, G.
1996Application of high-field proton nuclear magnetic resonance (lH-NMR) spectroscopy for the analysis of explosives and related compounds in groundwater samples - a comparison with the high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method
Preiß, A.; Levsen, K.; Humpfer, E.; Spraul, M.