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2021Interplay of mechanics and chemistry governs wear of diamond-like carbon coatings interacting with ZDDP-additivated lubricants
Salinas Ruiz, V.R.; Kuwahara, T.; Galipaud, J.; Masenelli-Varlot, K.; Ben Hassine, M.; Héau, C.; Stoll, M.; Mayrhofer, L.; Moras, G.; Martin, J.M.; Moseler, M.; Barros Bouchet, M.-I. de
2020Mechanochemical versus chemical routes for graphitic precursors and their performance in micropollutants removal in water
Mahmoud, Alaa El Din; Franke, Marcus; Stelter, Michael; Bräutigam, Patrick
2019Mechanochemically aminated multilayer graphene for carbon/polypropylene graft polymers and nanocomposites
Burk, L.; Walter, M.; Asmacher, A.C.; Gliem, M.; Moseler, M.; Mühlhaupt, R.
2018Effect of mechanochemically functionalized multilayer graphene on the tribological properties of silicon carbide/graphene nanocomposites in aqueous environment
Zhang, W.; Schröder, C.; Schlüter, B.; Knoch, M.; Dusza, J.; Sedlak, R.; Mülhaupt, R; Kailer, A.
2018Sustainable synthesis of high-surface-area graphite oxide via dry ball milling
Mahmoud, Alaa El Din; Stolle, Achim; Stelter, Michael
2014Taming the untamable - The art and science of diamond polishing
Moseler, M.; Pastewka, L.
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