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2018Evaluation of a colorimetric sensor system for early fire detection
Pohle, Roland; Pohl, Teresa; Pannek, Carolin; Tarantik, Karina; Bauersfeld, Marie-Luise; Wöllenstein, Jürgen; Raible, Stefan; Seiler, Frank
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
2016Trichromatic reflectance capture using a tunable light source: Setup, characterization and reflectance estimation
Tanksale, Tejas Madan; Urban, Philipp
2015Goniochromatic difference between effect coatings: Is the whole more than the sum of its parts?
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2015How color difference formulas depend on reference pairs in the underlying constant stimuli experiment
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2015How psychophysical methods influence optimizations of color difference formulas
Kirchner, Eric; Dekker, Niels; Lucassen, Marcel; Njo, Lan; Lans, Ivo van der; Urban, Philipp; Huertas, Rafael
2013Effect of surface structuring onto the efficiency of the in- and out-coupling of light from a chip in Lab-on-a-chip approaches with optical detection
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1997Development and construction of a low cost colorimeter
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1997Haptic Displays. How can we Feel Virtual Environments?
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1987HDTV colorimetry and gamma considering the visibility of noise and quantization errors
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