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2017Chest electrical impedance tomography examination, data analysis, terminology, clinical use and recommendations: Consensus statement of the TRanslational EIT developmeNt stuDy group
Frerichs, Inéz; Amato, Marcelo Britto Passos; Kaam, Anton H.L.C. van; Tingay, David Gerald; Zhao, Zhanqi; Grychtol, Bartlomiej; Bodenstein, Marc; Gagnon, Hervé; Böhm, Stephan H.; Teschner, Eckhard; Stenqvist, Ola; Mauri, Tommaso; Torsani, Vinicius; Camporota, Luigi; Schibler, Andreas; Wolf, Gerhard K.; Gommers, Diederik A.M.P.J.; Leonhardt, Steffen; Adler, Andy
2017Effectiveness of individualized lung recruitment strategies at birth: An experimental study in preterm lambs
Tingay, David Gerald; Rajapaksa, Anushi E.; Zannin, Emanuela; Pereira-Fantini, Prue M.; Dellacà, Raffaele L.; Perkins, Elizabeth Jean; Zonneveld, Cornelis Elroy E.; Adler, Andy; Black, Don; Frerichs, Inéz; Lavizzari, Anna; Sourial, Magdy; Grychtol, Bartlomiej; Mosca, Fabio A.; Davis, Peter Graham Raham
20163D EIT image reconstruction with GREIT
Grychtol, Bartlomiej; Müller, Beat; Adler, Andy
2016Spatiotemporal aeration and lung injury patterns are influenced by the first inflation strategy at birth
Tingay, David Gerald; Rajapaksa, Anushi E.; Zonneveld, Cornelis Elroy E.; Black, Don; Perkins, Elizabeth Jean; Adler, Andy; Grychtol, Bartlomiej; Lavizzari, Anna; Frerichs, Inéz; Zahra, Valerie A.; Davis, Peter Graham Raham
2015An individualized approach to sustained inflation duration at birth improves outcomes in newborn preterm lambs
Tingay, David Gerald; Lavizzari, Anna; Zonneveld, Cornelis Elroy E.; Rajapaksa, Anushi E.; Zannin, Emanuela; Perkins, Elizabeth Jean; Black, Don; Sourial, Magdy; Dellacà, Raffaele L.; Mosca, Fabio A.; Adler, Andy; Grychtol, Bartlomiej; Frerichs, Inéz; Davis, Peter Graham Raham
2015Influence of heart motion on cardiac output estimation by means of electrical impedance tomography: A case study
Proença, Martin; Braun, Fabian; Rapin, Michael; Solà, J.; Adler, Andy; Grychtol, Bartlomiej; Bohm, Stephan H.; Lemay, Mathieu; Thiran, Jean-Philippe
2015Why is EIT so hard, and what are we doing about it?
Adler, Andy; Grychtol, Bartlomiej; Bayford, Richard