Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Fully printed zinc oxide electrolyte-gated transistors on paper
Carvalho, José Tiago; Dubceac, Viorel; Grey, Paul; Cunha, Ines; Fortunato, Elvira; Martins, Rodrigo; Clausner, André; Zschech, Ehrenfried; Pereira, Luis
Journal Article
2019Preparation of antibacterial fatliquoring agents containing zinc oxide nanoparticles for leather industry
Yorgancioǧlu, Ali; Bayramoǧlu, Eser Eke; Renner, Manfred
Journal Article
2018Scale-up of the electrodeposition of ZnO/Eosin Y hybrid thin films for the fabrication of flexible dye-sensitized solar cell modules
Bittner, F.; Oekermann, T.; Wark, M.
Journal Article
2018UV-blocking properties of Zn/ZnO coatings on wood deposited by cold plasma spraying at atmospheric pressure
Wallenhorst, L.M.; Gurău, L.; Gellerich, A.; Militz, H.; Ohms, G.; Viöl, W.
Journal Article
2017Topographic, optical and chemical properties of zinc particle coatings deposited by means of atmospheric pressure plasma
Wallenhorst, L.M.; Loewenthal, L.; Avramidis, G.; Gerhard, C.; Militz, H.; Ohms, G.; Viöl, W.
Journal Article
2016Al in ZnO - from doping to alloying. An investigation of Al electrical activation in relation to structure and charge transport limits
Cornelius, Steffen; Vinnichenko, Mykola
Journal Article
2016Preparation of a gradient SiO2 antireflective coating by a co-sputtering method using a dual rotatable magnetron system
Preußner, Thomas; Junghähnel, Manuela; Hartung, Ullrich; Kopte, Torsten; Fahlteich, John
Conference Paper
2014Implications of the stability behavior of zinc oxide nanoparticles for toxicological studies
Meißner, Tobias; Oelschlägel, Kathrin; Potthoff, Annegret
Journal Article
2013Pulsed DC magnetron sputtering of transparent conductive oxide layers
Bingel, Astrid; Füchsel, Kevin; Kaiser, Norbert; Tünnermann, Andreas
Journal Article
2011Betriebsoptimierte und umweltverträgliche Formulierungen für Nanopartikel zur Einarbeitung in Kunststoffe
Bauer, K.; Eloo, C.; Peuker, U.A.
Conference Paper
2010Angular resolved light scattering of structured TCOs for the application in a-Si:H/µc-Si:H solar cells
Dewald, W.; Sittinger, V.; Szyszka, B.; Gordijn, A.; Hüpkes, J.; Hamelmann, F.; Stiebig, H.; Säuberlich, F.
Conference Paper
2010Bestimmung der Dispersionsqualität von Nanopartikeln in Kunststoffen
Hoffmann, J.
: Planitz-Penno, S.; Eloo, C.; Frenz, H.
Bachelor Thesis
2010Zinc oxide based transparent electrodes for flexible thin film devices
Fahland, M.; Vogt, T.; Schönberger, A.
Conference Paper
2009Development of a multifunctional coating system for laser-induced material transport
Lachmann, K.; Eckert, S.; Vogel, A.; Klinger, A.; Gebert, A.; Klages, C.-P.
Journal Article
2009Optical modeling of free electron behavior in highly doped ZnO films
Ruske, F.; Pflug, A.; Sittinger, V.; Szyszka, B.; Greiner, D.; Rech, B.
Journal Article
2009Permeation barrier properties of thin oxide films on flexible polymer substrates
Fahlteich, J.; Fahland, M.; Schönberger, W.; Schiller, N.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2009Structure and mechanical properties of transparent ZnO/PBDMA nanocomposites
Althues, H.; Pötschke, P.; Kim, G.M.; Kaskel, S.
Journal Article
2005Hydrogen doping of DC sputtered ZnO:Al films from novel target material
Ruske, F.; Sittinger, V.; Werner, W.; Szyszka, B.; Osten, K.U. van; Dietrich, K.; Rix, R.
Journal Article
2003State-of-the-art mid-frequency sputtered ZnO films for thin film silicon solar cells and modules
Müller, J.; Schöpe, G.; Kluth, O.; Rech, B.; Sittinger, V.; Szyszka, B.; Geyer, R.; Lechner, P.; Schade, H.; Ruske, M.; Dittmar, G.; Bochem, H.-P.
Journal Article
2001Upscaling of texture-etched zinc oxide substrates for silicon thin film solar cells
Müller, J.; Schöpe, G.; Kluth, O.; Bech, R.; Ruske, M.; Trube, J.; Szyszka, B.; Jiang, X.; Bräuer, G.
Conference Paper, Journal Article