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2017Morphology orientation of comb-like polymers with rigid backbones under the influence of shear fields
Gupta, G.; Danke, V.; Babur, T.; Beiner, M.
Journal Article
2005X-ray scattering tomography
Gorshkov, V.; Kröning, M.; Anosov,Y.; Dorjgochoo, O.
Journal Article
2000X-ray investigation of a near surface layer of metal samples
Gilev, O.N.; Asadchikov, V.E.; Duparre, A.
Conference Paper
2000X-ray study of the roughness of surfaces and interfaces
Kozhevnikov, I.V.; Asadchikov, V.E.; Bukreeva, I.N.; Duparre, A.
Conference Paper
1999Comparative study of the roughness of optical surfaces and thin films by x-ray scattering and atomic force microscopy
Asadchikov, V.E.; Duparre, A.; Jakobs, S.; Karabekov, Y.; Kozhevnikov, I.V.
Journal Article
1999Comparative study of the roughness of optical surfaces and thin films using atomic force microscopy, x-ray scattering, and light scattering methods
Kozhevnikov, I.V.; Asadchikov, V.E.; Duparre, A.; Gilev, O.N.; Havronin, N.A.; Krivonosov, Y.S.; Ostashev, V.I.; Steinert, J.
Conference Paper
1999X-ray and AFM studies of ultrthin films for EUV and soft X-ray applications
Asadchikov, V.E.; Duparre, A.; Kozhevnikov, I.V.; Krivonosov, Y.S.; Sagitov, S.I.
Conference Paper
1999X-ray Reflectivity Investigation of Thin P-Type Porous Silicon Layers
Buttard, D.; Dolino, G.; Bellet, D.; Baumbach, T.; Rieutord, F.
Journal Article