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2013High-strength glass-ceramics in the system MgO/Al2O3/SiO2/ZrO2/Y2O3 - microstructure and properties
Gawronski, A.; Patzig, C.; Höche, T.; Rüssel, C.
Journal Article
2010Diamond/AlN thin films for optical applications
Knöbber, F.; Bludau, O.; Williams, O.A.; Sah, R.E.; Kirste, L.; Baeumler, M.; Leopold, S.; Pätz, D.; Nebel, C.E.; Ambacher, O.; Cimalla, V.; Lebedev, V.
Conference Paper
1997Laser beam welding of austenitic-ferritic transition joints
Missori, S.; Koerber, C.
Journal Article
1997Silicon nitride composites materials with an improved high temperature Oxidation Resistance
Klemm, Hagen; Herrmann, Mathias; Schubert, Christian
Conference Paper
1995Gitterdeformation in Silicium nach Implantationen von Phosphor
Remmler, M.; Frey, L.; Ryssel, H.
Conference Paper
1995Investigation of the thermal stability of NI/C multilayers by X-ray methods
Krawietz, R.; Wehner, B.; Meyer, D.; Richter, K.; Mai, H.; Dietsch, R.; Hopfe, S.; Scholz, R.; Pompe, W.
Conference Paper
1995Strain profiles in phosphorus implanted /100/-silicon
Remmler, M.; Frey, L.; Horvath, Z.E.; Ryssel, H.
Conference Paper
1992Characterization of thin doped silicon single crystals by x-ray diffraction
Joksch, S.; Graeff, W.; Zaumsell, P.; Winter, U.; Csepregi, L.; Iberl, F.; Freund, A.K.
Journal Article
1991MBE overgrowth of implanted regions in InP:Fe substrates
Kunzel, H.; Gibis, R.; Schlaak, W.; Su, L.M.; Grote, N.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
1991Molecular beam epitaxy of Pb1-xSrxSe for the use in IR devices
Kuhn, S.; Evers, J.; Böttner, H.; Herres, N.; Lambrecht, A.; Spanger, B.; Tacke, M.
Journal Article