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2020Wire-based Metal Deposition
Winands, Kai
2019Accelerated TC Test in Comparison with Standard TC Test for PV Modules with Ribbon, Wire and Shingle Interconnection
Schiller, C.; Rendler, L.C.; Eberlein, D.; Mülhöfer, G.; Kraft, A.; Neuhaus, D.-H.
Conference Paper
2018Inline Characterization of Diamond Wire Sawn Multicrystalline Silicon Wafers
Haunschild, J.; Bergmann, N.; Hammer, T.; Krieg, K.; Kaden, T.; Anspach, O.; Schremmer, H.; Rein, S.
Conference Paper
2017Characterization of the diamond wire sawing process for monocrystalline silicon by raman spectroscopy and SIREX polarimetry
Würzner, S.; Herms, M.; Kaden, T.; Möller, H.J.; Wagner, M.
Journal Article
2017Evaluation of efficiency and mechanical properties of Inconel 718 components built by wire and powder laser material deposition
Arrizubieta, J.I.; Klocke, Fritz; Klingbeil, Nils; Arntz, Kristian; Lamikiz, A.; Martinez, S.
Journal Article
2017The influence of material properties on the wire sawing process of multicrystalline silicon
Kaden, T.; Ershova, E.; Lottspeich, L.; Fuchs, M.
Conference Paper
2017A novel approach to determine the diamond occupancy of diamond wires for optimized cutting processes for crystalline silicon
Lottspeich, L.; Theophil, L.; Fuchs, M.; Kaden, T.
Conference Paper
2017Process characteristics in high-precision laser metal deposition using wire and powder
Brückner, Frank; Riede, Mirko; Marquardt, Franz; Willner, Robin; Seidel, André; Thieme, Sebastian; Leyens, Christoph; Beyer, Eckhard
Journal Article
2017Wire-based laser metal deposition for additive manufacturing of TiAl6V4: Basic investigations of microstructure and mechanical properties from build-up parts
Klocke, Fritz; Arntz, Kristian; Klingbeil, Nils; Schulz, Martin
Conference Paper
2015Innovations in laser cladding and direct laser metal deposition
Leyens, Christoph; Beyer, Eckhard
Book Article
2003Advanced multi-wire slicing according to "both direction" machining kinematics
Klocke, F.; Huttenhuis, S.; Pähler, D.; Vojtechovsky, K.
Conference Paper
1999Kunststoffe in der Verdrahtungstechnik - Vom Isolator zum Leiter
Dreyer, H.
Conference Paper