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2020Simultaneous identification of wind turbine vibrations by using seismic data, elastic modeling and laser Doppler vibrometry
Zieger, Toni; Nagel, S.; Lutzmann, Peter; Kaufmann, Ilja; Ritter, J.; Ummenhofer, T.; Knödel, P.; Fischer, Peter
Journal Article
2019Concept Development and Automation for a Benchmark Oriented Weak Point Analysis of Wind Turbines
Pape, Kai
Bachelor Thesis
2019Finite element modelling of slewing bearings. Mesh design, internal contacts, preload
Schleich, Florian
2019Recommended key performance indicators for operational management of wind turbines
Pfaffel, Sebastian; Faulstich, Stefan; Sheng, Shawn
Conference Paper
2016Dependency of the lifetime estimation of power modules in fully rated wind turbine converters on the modelling depth of the overall system
Morisse, M.; Bartschat, A.; Wenske, J.; Mertens, A.
Conference Paper
2014Towards increased reliability of power converters in wind turbines
Fischer, K.
2011Monitoring and damage detection in structural parts of wind turbines
Friedmann, Andreas; Mayer, Dirk; Koch, Michael; Siebel, Thomas
Book Article