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2009Patterning of LiNbO3 by means of ion irradiation using the electronic energy deposition and wet etching
Gischkat, T.; Hartung, H.; Schrempel, F.; Kley, E.B.; Tünnermann, A.; Wesch, W.
Conference Paper
1997MBE regrowth of InP on patterned surfaces and its application potential for optoelectronic devices
Paraskevopoulos, A.; Kunzel, H.; Bottcher, J.; Urmann, G.; Hensel, H.J.; Bozbek, A.
Conference Paper
1993Blazed Fresnel zone lenses approximated by discrete step profiles: Effects of fabrication errors
Ferstl, M.; Kuhlow, B.; Pawlowski, E.
Conference Paper