Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Development of a Mobile Environmental Sensory Unit Prototype
Delea, Cosmin; Schneider, Vincent Emanuel; Oeffner, Johannes
2017The CloudFlow infrastructure for multi-vendor engineering workflows: Concept and validation
Holm, Håvard Heitlo; Gezer, Volkan; Hermawati, Setia; Altenhofen, Christian; Hjelmervik, Jon M.
Journal Article
2016An SLA-based performance monitoring mechanism for 3PL business process
Qi, Fangzhong; Zhou, Gengui; Holtkamp, Bernhard
Journal Article
2012An enhanced distributed repository for working with 3D assets in cultural heritage
Pan, Xueming; Schiffer, Thomas; Schröttner, Martin; Berndt, Rene; Hecher, Martin; Havemann, Sven; Fellner, Dieter W.
Conference Paper
2012Implications of dementia and age-related memory impairments on the design of IT-based systems
Gappa, Henrike; Nordbrock, Gaby; Johannen, Angela; Schmitz, Albet
Conference Paper
2012Maximizing the use of EO products: How to leverage the potential of open geospatial service architectures
Usländer, Thomas
Conference Paper
2011Enhancing interoperability in cross-platform enterprise mashups through data aggregation and extraction
Tritschler, Max; Kleinfeld, Robert; Steglich, Stephan
Conference Paper
2011HearCom: Hearing in the communication society
Vlaming, M.S.M.G.; Kollmeier, B.; Dreschler, W.A.; Martin, R.; Wouters, J.; Grover, B.; Mohammadh, Y.; Houtgast, T.
Journal Article
2011Semantically enriched cloze exercice: Technical concept and prototype
Bargel, Bela-Andreas; Streicher, Alexander; Szentes, Daniel; Roller, Wolfgang
Conference Paper
2011Towards an open geospatial service architecture supporting heterogeneous earth observation missions
Usländer, Thomas; Marchetti, Pier Giorgio; Coene, Yves
Conference Paper
2010Enabling cross-domain service compositions
Tritschler, Max
: Popescu-Zeletin, Radu (Supervisor); Steglich, Stephan; Pfeffer, Heiko
2007Von der Supply Chain zum (Web) Service. Serviceorientierte Architekten erobern die Logistik
Ten Hompel, Michael