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2019Investigations on the Interplay Between Focusing and Absorption in Absorber-Free Laser Transmission Welding of Plastics
Mamuschkin, Viktor; Aden, Mirko; Olowinsky, Alexander
Journal Article
2010Experimental determination of the dispersion relation of light in metamaterials by white-light interferometry
Pshenay-Severin, E.; Setzpfandt, F.; Helgert, C.; Hübner, U.; Menzel, C.; Chipouline, A.; Rockstuhl, C.; Tünnermann, A.; Lederer, F.; Pertsch, T.
Journal Article
Kasal, B.; Lear, G.; Anthony, R.
Book Article
2010Structural health monitoring on the wing
Haase, K.-H.; Büter, A.
Journal Article
2001Efficient micro bends for integrated optics and near field microscopy
Peschel, U.; Leine, L.; Lederer, F.; Wächter, C.
Conference Paper
2000Detailed experimental study of high-frequency self-pulsation domains in multi-section DFB-lasers
Hoffmann, D.; Brox, O.; Sahin, G.; Möhrle, M.; Sartorius, B.
Conference Paper
1993AR-coated arrays of binary lenses for interconnection networks at 1.5 mu m
Ferstl, M.; Kuhlow, B.; Pawlowski, E.
Conference Paper
1993Holographic elements for optical interconnects at 1.5 mu m
Kuhlow, B.; Ferstl, M.; Kobolla, H.; Pawlowski, E.
Conference Paper
1993Radiation sensitivity of passive fibre optic components
Henschel, H.; Köhn, O.; Schmidt, H.U.
Conference Paper
1993Two dimensional array of AR-coated diffractive microlenses fabricated by thin film deposition
Pawlowski, E.; Engel, H.; Ferstl, M.; Furst, W.; Kuhlow, B.
Conference Paper
1992Investigation of pinch plasmas with plasma parameters promising ASE
Lebert, R.; Neff, W.; Rohe, T.; Rothweiler, D.; Seelig, W.; Herziger, G.
Conference Paper
1989Adjustable redistribution of the laser intensity between two adjoining metal surfaces.
Schulz, W.; Behler, K.
Conference Paper
1986Ablation of opaque surfaces due to laser irradiation
Schulz, W.; Simon, G.; Vicanek, M.
Journal Article