Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Approaches for the evaluation of future-oriented technologies and concepts in the field of water reuse and desalination
Wencki, Kristina; Thöne, Verena; Ante, Angela; Hogen, Tobias; Hohmann, Claudia; Tettenborn, Felix; Pohl, Dagmar; Preiss, Philipp; Jungfer, Christina
Journal Article
2020Unravelling the water adsorption in a robust iron carboxylate metal-organic framework
Lenzen, D.; Eggebrecht, J.G.; Mileo, P.G.M.; Fröhlich, D.; Henninger, S.; Atzori, C.; Bonino, F.; Lieb, A.; Maurin, G.; Stock, N.
Journal Article
2019Moving towards sustainability: Insights from district heating, water systems and communal housing projects in local communities
Dütschke, Elisabeth; Hohmann, Claudia; Köhler, Jonathan; Wesche, Julius P.
Conference Paper
2013Evaluation of the rural area in local IWRM planning based on the example of the craft village Tong Xa, Nam Dinh Province
Grothe, Steffen; Emmerich, Ralph; Thi Hong, Nguyen; Kim Oanh, Le Thi; Quynh Huong, Nghiem; Thanh Lan, Nguyen; Thi Thu Thuy, Nguyen; Asmuss, Kristin; The Viet, Nguyen; Steingrube, Wilhelm; Hartlieb, Jörg; Schlüter, Stefan; Keuter, Volkmar; Wessel, Horst; Erhardt, Bernd; Thi Lai, Le; Kasbohm, Jörn
Book Article
2011Demografischer Wandel: Anlass und Chance für Innovationen in der Wasserwirtschaft
Londong, J.; Hillenbrand, T.; Niederste-Hollenberg, J.
Journal Article
2010Investigation of dominant loss mechanisms in low-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Gerteisen, D.
2009Dust emissions from foundries in Tông Xá and integration of the results into the objectives of IWRM
Assmus, K.; Keuter, V.; Emmerich, R.
Journal Article
2003Einfluss der Alterung auf die wasserwirtschaftliche Qualität von Rostaschen der thermischen Abfallbehandlung
Palitzsch, I.S.
2000A four-year record of methane emissions from irrigated rice fields in the Beijing region of China
Wang, Z.Y.; Xu, Y.C.; Li, Z.; Guo, Y.X.; Wassmann, R.; Neue, H.U.; Lantin, R.S.; Buendia, L.V.; Ding, Y.P.; Wang, Z.Z.
Journal Article
2000Methane emission from rice fields at Cuttack, India
Adhya, T.K.; Bharati, K.; Mohanty, S.R.; Ramakrishnan, B.; Rao, V.R.; Sethunathan, N.; Wassmann, R.
Journal Article
1996Factors affecting methane emission from rice fields
Neue, H.U.; Wassmann, R.; Lantin, R.S.; Alberto, M.C.R.; Aduna, J.B.; Jafellana, A.M.
Journal Article