Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Critical materials for water electrolysers at the example of the energy transition in Germany
Kiemel, Steffen; Smolinka, Tom; Lehner, Franz; Full, Johannes; Sauer, Alexander; Miehe, Robert
Journal Article
2021Power-to-Methanol. Schlussbericht
Hadrich, M.J.; Roth, A.; Apfelbacher, A.
2020On the influence of the anodic porous transport layer on PEM electrolysis performance at high current densities
Lickert, T.; Kiermaier, M.L.; Bromberger, K.; Ghinaiya, J.; Metz, S.; Fallisch, A.; Smolinka, T.
Journal Article
2019Initial Approaches in Benchmarking and Round Robin Testing for Proton Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzers
Bender, G.; Carmo, M.; Smolinka, T.; Gago, A.; Danilovic, N.; Mueller, M.; Ganci, F.; Fallisch, A.; Lettenmeier, P.; Friedrich, K.A.; Ayers, K.; Pivovar, B.; Mergel, J.; Stolten, D.
Journal Article
2019Sector Coupling by Hydrogen - Which Electrolysers do we need in the future?
Smolinka, T.; Fallisch, A.; Voglstätter, C.; Hebling, C.
2019Wasserelektrolyse an der Schwelle zur großskaligen Industrialisierung - Trends und Herausforderungen bis 2030
Dikschas, I.; Smolinka, T.
2018Performance Enhancement of PEM Electrolyzers through Iridium-coated Titanium Porous Transport Layers
Liu, C.; Carmo, M.; Bender, G.; Everwand, A.; Lickert, T.; Young, J.L.; Smolinka, T.; Stolten, D.; Lehnert, W.
Journal Article
2018Round Robin Testing for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Water Electrolysis - Phase 2
Bender, G.; Carmo, M.; Fischer, S.; Lickert, T.; Smolinka, T.; Young, J.
2017Cost break down and cost reduction strategies for PEM water electrolysis systems
Smolinka, T.; Wiebe, N.; Thomassen, M.
2017Development of an experimentally validated semi-empirical fully-coupled performance model of a PEM electrolysis cell with a 3-D structured porous transport layer
Tabu Ojong, E.; Kwan, J.T.H.; Nouri-Khorasani, A.; Bonakdarpour, A.; Wilkinson, D.P.; Smolinka, T.
Journal Article
2017PEM Water Electrolysis: Impact of Cell Design and Porous Components Properties on Mass Transport Limitation
Fouda-Onana, F.; Chelghoum, S.; Serre, G.; Bromberger, K.; Smolinka, T.; Chandesris, M.
Conference Paper
2017Towards selective test protocols for accelerated in situ degradation of PEM electrolysis cell components
Lickert, T.; Schwarz, C.; Gese, P.; Fallisch, A.; Smolinka, T.
2016Towards low-cost and efficient hydrogen production by PEM water electrolysis - design and performance optimization for a high-pressure stack. Result of the European Project "NOVEL"
Smolinka, T.; Lickert, T.; Gese, P.; Georg, A.
2015Fundamentals of PEM water electrolysis
Smolinka, T.; Tabu Ojong, E.; Lickert, T.
Book Article
2013Hydrogen production by water electrolysis: Progress and challenges of a key technology for renewable energies. A short introduction
Smolinka, T.
2005Optimization of membrane-electrode assemblies for SPE water electrolysis by means of design of experiments
Flores Hernández, J.R.
1991The self-sufficient solar house. Hybrid energy storage system
Heinzel, A.; Ledjeff, K.
Conference Paper