Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Although there is no physical short-term scarcity of phosphorus, its resource efficiency should be improved
Scholz, Roland W.; Wellmer, Friedrich-Wilhelm
Journal Article
2019Don’t waste the water, use wastewater - excess heat distribution for private households through sewer networks
Fritz, Markus; Aydemir, Ali
Conference Paper
2018Reducing the emission of x-ray contrast agents to the environment. Decentralized collection of urine bags and its acceptance
Niederste-Hollenberg, Jutta; Eckartz, Katharina; Peters, Anja; Hillenbrand, Thomas; Maier, Ursula; Beer, Meinrad; Reszt, Andrea
Journal Article
2018Vacuum sewerage systems – A solution for fast growing cities in developing countries?
Mohr, Marius; Beckett, Marc; Schließmann, Ursula; Erlbeck, Ruth; Trosse, Ralph
Journal Article
2017Zentraler Betrieb dezentraler Anlagen. z*dez
Niederste-Hollenberg, Jutta; Hillenbrand, Thomas; Ungermann, Andrea
Journal Article
2016Optimization of bio-methane production from dairy waste water by applying of lactic acid bacteria in the acidification stage
Juodeikiene, Grazina; Cizeikiene, Dalia; Bartkiene, Elena; Damašius, Jonas; Glasner, Christoph
Conference Paper
2013Towards a Sustainable Urban Metabolism: Algae-to-Energy Systems as Clean Cycles in the Urban Water Chain
Menger-Krug, Eve
2012Phosphorus recovery from wastewater - Expert survey on present use and future potential
Sartorius, C.; Horn, J. von; Tettenborn, F.
Journal Article
2009Wastewater management in the textile industry
Keuter, V.
Conference Paper
2007Material flow management: Approaches for emission reduction and cleaner production in Vietnamese foundries
Hiebel, M.; Mrotzek, A.; Keuter, V.
Journal Article
1996Emissionsinventare im Gewässerschutz. Derzeitiger Stand, zukünftige Anforderungen und mögliche Lösungsansätze
Böhm, E.; Hillenbrand, T.; Marscheider-Weidemann, F.; Hussels, U.
1996TECIS - ein Informations- und Beratungssystem für die dezentrale Abwasserentsorgung in ländlichen Gebieten
Rudolph, P.
Book Article
1995TECIS - ein Informations- und Beratungssystem für die dezentrale Abwasserentsorgung in ländlichen Gebieten
Bärmann, U.; Wittmüß, A.
Conference Paper
1991Technometric comparison of bioprocess-based environmental technologies in industrialized countries. Report for OST
Drouet, D.; Reiß, T.
1990Perspektiven der Biotechnologie
Reiß, T.
: Grupp, H.
1990Technometrische Analyse des internationalen Leistungsstandes in Teilbereichen der Biotechnologie
Reiß, T.
Journal Article