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2006Wall-thickness measurement sensor for pipeline inspection using EMAT technology in combination with pulsed eddy current and MFL
Niese, F.; Yashan, A.; Willems, H.
Conference Paper
1998Laser Ultrasonics in Industry
Paul, M.; Hoffmann, A.; Oesterlein, L.; Deppe, G.-J.
Conference Paper
1998Long Range Detection of Corrosion by Guided Shear Horizontal (SH-) Waves
Salzburger, H.-J.
Conference Paper
1998WS-Prüfungen mit großer Eindringtiefe
Becker, R.; Kröning, M.; Wüstenberg, H.; Thomas, H.-M.
Conference Paper
1996Measurement of Wall-Thickness at Extreme Temperatures Using EMATs
Kröning, M.; Salzburger, H.-J.; Smorodinski, Y.; Mironenko, V.; Bernus, L. von
Conference Paper