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2014Dynamic pattern utilization for automatic UAV control support
Segor, Florian; Sung, C.-K.; Schönbein, Rainer; Tchouchenkov, Igor; Kollmann, Matthias
Conference Paper
2006Overcoming the language barrier
Vanhauer, M.
: Oertel, K. (Prüfer)
1998Origins of long-range dependence in variable bit rate video traffic
Grasse, M.; Frater, M.R.; Arnold, J.F.
Conference Paper
1997Overcoming human factors deficiencies of videocommunications systems by means of advanced image technologies
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Journal Article
1997Stereo matching for enhanced telepresence in three-dimensional videocommunications
Izquierdo, E.
Journal Article
1997Stereoscopic pointing in desktop applications
Runde, D.; Suwita, A.
Conference Paper
1997Trends and perspectives for very low bit rate video coding
Sikora, T.
Conference Paper
1997Videocommunications as a medium for informal communication?
Suwita, A.; Muhlbach, L.
Conference Paper
1996New user interface aspects to the information highway. Applying Java and VRML
Encarnacao, J.L.; Bauer, K.M.; Böhm, K.; Holzapfel, R.; Koop, T.; Spierling, U.
Journal Article
1995Digital video coding standards and their role in video communications
Schafer, R.; Sikora, T.
Journal Article
1995Symbols for point-to-point videotelephony functions
Bocker, M.
Journal Article
1995Telepresence in videocommunications: A study on stereoscopy and individual eye contact
Muhlbach, L.; Bocker, M.; Prussog, A.
Journal Article
1994Advanced videocommunications with stereoscopy and individual perspectives
Hopf, K.; Runde, D.; Bocker, M.
Conference Paper
1994Emergency aid - private alarm systems in a social and organizational environment. Experiences and perspectives of the German "Hausnotruf"
Zoche, P.
Book Article
1994An optical transparent local network with OFDM and close channel spacing
Saniter, J.; Bader, G.; Bunning, H.; Burmeister, M.; Hermes, T.; Raub, F.
Journal Article
1994Stereoscopic telepointing in videocommunications
Runde, D.; Bocker, M.
Conference Paper
1994Telepresence in videocommunications
Prussog, A.; Muhlbach, L.; Bocker, M.
Conference Paper
1993Communicative presence in videocommunications
Bocker, M.; Muhlbach, L.
Conference Paper
1993Emergency-aid. Private alarm systems in a social and organizational environment. Experiences and perspectives of the German "Hausnotruf"
Zoche, P.
1993Remote conference interpreting using ISDN videotelephony: A requirements analysis and feasibility study
Bocker, M.; Anderson, D.
Conference Paper