Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020On the applicability of thermoforming characterization and simulation approaches to glass mat thermoplastic composites
Dörr, Dominik; Gergely, Ryan; Ivanov, Stanislav; Kärger, Luise; Henning, Frank; Hrymak, Andrew
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2020Transformation of Test Data for the Specification of a Viscoelastic Marlow Model
Hesebeck, Olaf
Journal Article
2019A coupled thermomechanical approach for finite element forming simulation of continuously fiber-reinforced semi-crystalline thermoplastics
Dörr, Dominik; Joppich, Tobias; Kugele, Daniel; Henning, Frank; Kärger, Luise
Journal Article
2019Quartz Crystal Microbalance: Basics and Applications in Biology
Ruckdäschel, Simone; Kade, Christian; Wegener, Joachim
Book Article
2018Hyperelastic constitutive modeling with exponential decay and application to a viscoelastic adhesive
Hesebeck, Olaf; Wulf, Andreas
Journal Article
2017A method for the determination of the viscoelastic relaxation modules of PBX by confined SHPB measurements
Heider, Norbert; Steinbrenner, André; Aurich, Hagen
Journal Article
2017Viscoelastic modelling of gas pore collapse during during polymer sintering
Wohlgemuth, Florian; Alig, Ingo
Conference Paper
2013Pressure drop in a split-and-recombine caterpillar micromixer in case of newtonian and non-newtonian fluids
Carrier, Odile; Funfschilling, Denis; Debas, Hélène; Poncin, Souhila; Löb, Patrick; Li, Huai-Z.
Journal Article
2012Material characterization to model linear viscoelastic behavior of thin organic polymer films in microelectronics
Unterhofer, K.; Preu, H.; Walter, J.; Lorenz, G.; Mack, W.; Petzold, M.
Conference Paper
2009A material model for internal stress of dental composites caused by the curing process
Koplin, C.; Jaeger, R.; Hahn, P.
Journal Article
2009Optimization of multilayered porous acoustic absorbers
Andrä, H.; Kabel, M.; Spies, M.; Rieder, H.
Conference Paper
2007Comment on "viscosity measurement by cylindrical compression for numerical modeling of precision lens molding process"
Richter, F.; Hoffmann, H.-J.
Journal Article
2007The Effect of Visco-elasticity on the Result Accuracy of FEM Panel Warpage Simulations Supporting Industrial Microelectronics Packaging
Rzepka, S.; Müller, A.
Conference Paper
2000On the constitutive behaviour of bone-implant interface tissues
Günther, H.; Görke, U.-J.
Conference Paper
1999Lateral Force Microscopy using Acoustic Friction Force Microscopy
Scherer, V.; Arnold, W.; Bhushan, B.
Journal Article
1995Active silicon CMOS addressing matrices for light-valve projection displays
Molzow, W.-D.; Brinker, W.; Wirges, W.; Gerhard-Multhaupt, R.; Melcher, R.; Budde, W.; Fiedler, H.
Journal Article
1995Auswahl von Materialgesetzen und Parameteridentifikation für nichtlinear-elastische Werkstoffe
Görke, U.-J.; Günther, H.; Schöpfel, A.
Journal Article
1995Full-colour diffraction-based optical system for light-valve projection displays
Roder, H.; Ehrke, H.-J.; Gerhard-Multhaupt, R.; Ipp, E.; Menzel, I.
Journal Article
1995Metallized viscoelastic control layers for light-valve projection displays
Brinker, W.; Wirges, W.; Przyrembel, G.; Gerhard-Multhaupt, R.; Klemberg-Sapieha, J.; Martinu, L.; Poitras, D.; Wertheimer, M.R.
Journal Article
1995Numerische und experimentelle Untersuchungen zur Auslegung elastomerbeschichteter Walzen
Görke, U.-J.; Günther, H.
Journal Article
1993Bestimmung der Blutviskoelastizität
Walitza, E.; Anadere, I.
Journal Article
1990Molecular structure of the ideal solid propellant binder
Stacer, R.G.
Conference Paper
1989Deformation behavior of thin viscoelastic layers used in an active-matrix-addressed spatial light modulator
Brinker, W.; Gerhard-Multhaupt, R.; Molzow, W.-D.; Tepe, R.
Conference Paper
1989Viscoelastic spatial light modulator with active matrix addressing
Tepe, R.; Gerhard-Multhaupt, R.; Brinker, W.; Molzow, W.-D.
Journal Article
1987Theoretical analysis of an electrically addressed viscoelastic spatial light modulator
Tepe, R.
Journal Article
1986Viscoelastic control layers for solid-state light valves
Tepe, R.; Gerhard-Multhaupt, R.; Brinker, W.
Conference Paper