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2010Architecture-centric configuration management. Controlling the evolution of large software systems
Anastasopoulos, Michalis; Keuler, Thorsten; Silva, Adeline de Sousa; Wanisch, Sebastian; Höh, Michael
2009CoVeR: Component-connector view reconstruction
Forster, Thomas
: Knauber, Peter (Supervisor); Knodel, Jens (Supervisor)
Master Thesis
2008Understanding decision models - visualization and complexity reduction of software variability
Forster, Thomas; Muthig, Dirk; Pech, Daniel
Conference Paper
2001Structure of QUASAR requirements documents
Kamsties, E.; Knethen, A. von; Paech, B.
1998An Approach for Capturing Large Software Development Processes by Integration of Views Modeled Independently
Verlage, M.
Conference Paper
1998Declarative and procedural object-oriented views
Busse, R.; Fankhauser, P.
1998An Intermediate Representation for Integrating Reverse Engineering Analyses
Koschke, R.; Girard, J.-F.; Würthner, M.
Conference Paper