Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Dynamic Risk Assessment for Vehicles of Higher Automation Levels by Deep Learning
Feth, Patrik; Akram, Mohammed Naveed; Schuster, René; Wasenmüller, Oliver
Conference Paper
2015Bayesian predictive assistance system: An embedded application for resource optimization in industrial cleaning processes
Shrestha, Ganesh Man; Li, Peng; Niggemann, Oliver
Conference Paper
2015Object-based detection of vehicles in airborne data
Schilling, Hendrik; Bulatov, Dimitri; Middelmann, Wolfgang
Conference Paper
2014Autonomous reactive power control of electric vehicles
Kohrs, R.; Dallmer-Zerbe, K.; Mierau, M.; Wittwer, C.
Conference Paper
2014Improved automotive self learning system using hypothesis test triggered forgetting to adapt to change points
Heinrichs, Robert; Fritzsche, Martin; Radusch, Ilja
Conference Paper
2014Object instance recognition using motion cues and instance specific appearance models
Schumann, A.
Conference Paper
2013Who should buy electric vehicles? - The potential early adopter from an economical perspective
Plötz, Patrick; Gnann, Till
Conference Paper
2011Electric mobility - a survey of different consumer groups in Germany with regard to adoption
Peters, Anja; Popp, Mareike; Agosti, Raphael; Ryf, Bettina
Conference Paper
2011How Accurate are Drivers' Predictions on their Own Mobility? Accounting for Psychological Factors in the Development of Modern Technology for Electrical Vehicles
Hahnel, U.; Gölz, S.; Spada, H.