Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020CVIP: A Protocol for Complex Interactions Among Connected Vehicles
Häfner, Bernhard; Jiru, Josef; Roscher, Karsten; Ott, Jörg; Schmitt, Georg A.; Sevilmis, Yagmur
Conference Paper
2019Collaborative and distributed QoS monitoring and prediction: A heterogeneous link layer concept towards always resilient V2X communication
Hincapie, Daniel; Saad, Ahmad; Jiru, Josef
Conference Paper
2018Non-Intrusive Cell Load Estimation in Commercial LTE Networks for Media Selection in Hybrid V2X Systems
Torres Figueroa, Luis Angel
: Mähönen, Petri (Examiner); Petrova, Marina (Examiner); Mähönen, Petri (Supervisor); Simić, Ljiljana (Supervisor); Roscher, Karsten (Supervisor)
Master Thesis
2018A Rapid Innovation Framework for Connected Mobility Applications
Pöhn, Daniela; Wessel, Sascha; Fischer, Felix; Braunsdorf, Oliver; Wenninger, Franz; Seydel, Dominique; Weiß, Gereon; Roscher, Karsten
: Freese-Wagner, Manuela (Hrsg.)
2017Know thy neighbor - a data-driven approach to neighborhood estimation in VANETs
Roscher, Karsten; Nitsche, Thomas; Knorr, Rudi
Conference Paper
2017Software implementieren und absichern
Weiß, Gereon; Jiru, Josef
Journal Article
2016Congestion control by in-vehicle traffic shaping for vehicular safety applications
Panthangi Manjunath, Ramya
: Grigoreva, Elena (Advisor); Roscher, Karsten (Advisor)
Master Thesis
2015Adaptive decision algorithms for data aggregation in VANETs with defined channel load limits
Jiru, Josef; Mammu, Aboobeker Sidhik Koyamparambil; Roscher, Karsten
Conference Paper
2015Privacy endangerment from protocol data sets in VANETs and countermeasures
Bittl, Sebastian; Gonzalez, Arturo A.
Conference Paper
2014Bridging the gap between infrastructure based V2I and decentralized V2V communication
Jiru, Josef
2014Data aggregation in VANETs
Jiru, Josef; Bremer, Lars; Graffi, Kalman
Conference Paper