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2020Fraunhofer-Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung. Jahresbericht 2019
: Fellner, Dieter W. (Hrsg.); Welling, Daniela (Red.); Ackeren, Janine van (Red.); Bergstedt, Bettina (Red.); Krüger, Kathrin (Red.); Prasche, Svenja; Bornemann, Heidrun (Red.); Roth, Anahit (Red.)
Annual Report
2019Integrated Expansion Strategies for Public Charging Infrastructure in Cities
Sprengeler, M.; Nguyen, P.; Matulla, K.; Ackermann, J.; Stryi-Hipp, G.
Conference Paper
2019Towards visibility and audibility algorithms for assessing perceived safety and security in public areas based on digital 3D city models
Vogelbacher, Georg; Finger, Jörg; Häring, Ivo
Conference Paper
2018Building-integrated Solar Thermal Systems in the Architectural Design Stage
Maurer, C.; Kuhn, T.
Book Article
2018Making the usage of guidance systems in pedestrian infrastructures measurable using the virtual environment DAVE
Bauer, Dietmar; Settgast, Volker; Schrom-Feiertag, Helmut; Millonig, Alexandra
Journal Article
2018Transition urbaner Wasserinfrastruktursysteme - notwendig und machbar?
Hillenbrand, Thomas; Eckartz, Katharina; Hiessl, Harald; Hohmann, Claudia; Niederste-Hollenberg, Jutta
Journal Article
2017BIPV market-size and technologies - today and future
Ferrara, C.
2016BIPV Technologien und Anwendungen - eine Übersicht
Sprenger, W.; Ferrara, C.
Conference Paper
2016Empirical susceptibility, vulnerability and risk analysis for resilience enhancement of urban areas to terrorist events
Vogelbacher, Georg; Häring, Ivo; Fischer, Kai; Riedel, Werner
Journal Article
2016Small-scale modelling of urban structure types for the cost evaluation in sanitary environmental engineering
Schulwitz, Martin; Hillenbrand, Thomas
Conference Paper
2014Automated urban management processes: Integrating a graphical editor for modular domain-specific languages into a 3D GIS
Krämer, Michel; Stein, Andreas
Conference Paper
2013Domain-specific languages for agile urban policy modelling
Krämer, Michel; Ludlow, David; Khan, Zaheer
Conference Paper
2013GIS, social media and simulation in integrated ICT solutions for urban futures
Sonntagbauer, Peter; Rumm, Nikolaus; Kagitcioglu, Hakan; Nazemi, Kawa; Burkhardt, Dirk
Conference Paper
2013Interactive, GPU-based urban growth simulation for agile urban policy modelling
Krämer, Michel; Kehlenbach, Andreas
Conference Paper
2012Gewinnbringende Nutzung von 3D-Stadtmodellen: Ein Erfahrungsbericht aus Mainz
Krämer, Michel; Hopf, Christiane
Journal Article
20113D-Stadtmodelle und Kommune
Krämer, Michel; Reitz, Thorsten; Rix, Joachim
Journal Article
2011Visualizing uncertain underground information for urban management
Dummer, Martin; Krämer, Michel; Ruppert, Tobias; Kohlhammer, Jörn
2010Augmented reality framework supporting conceptual urban planning and enhancing the awareness for environmental impact
Graf, Holger; Santos, Pedro; Stork, André
Conference Paper
2007Symbology encoding for 3D GIS - an approach to extend 3D city model visualization to GIS visualization
Haist, Jörg; Figueiredo Ramos, H.M.; Reitz, Thorsten
Conference Paper
2002Experiences from various VRML applications
Romero, S.; Wiegand, D.
Conference Paper
1999Computervermittelte Kommunikation in der Stadtplanung. Unterstützung formaler Beteiligungsverfahren durch Issue Based Information Systems
Märker, O.
1998Integrating Levels of Detail in a Web-based 3D-GIS
Coors, V.; Flick, S.
Conference Paper
1994Multicriterial decisions for air-pollution reduction in urban regions
Model, N.; Six, U.; Wittmüß, A.
Conference Paper