Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2016Personalized dynamic ad insertion with MPEG DASH
Pham, Stefan; Krauss, Christopher; Silhavy, Daniel; Arbanowski, Stefan
Conference Paper
2013CareBox: A Complete TV-Based Solution for Remote Patient Monitoring and Care
Santos, Antonio; Castro, Rui; Sousa, Joao
Conference Paper
2012Design recommendations for tv user interfaces for older adults: Findings from the eCAALYX project
Nunes, Francisco; Kerwin, Maureen; Silva, Paula Alexandra
Conference Paper
2012Sentence boundary detection for broadcast news recordings
Dzhambazov, Georgi
Master Thesis
2010Workshop AccessibleTV "Accessible User Interfaces for Future TV Applications"
Hahn, Volker; Hamisu, Pascal; Jung, Christoph; Heinrich, Gregor; Duarte, Carlos; Langdon, Pat
Conference Paper
1999Digital Watermarking: From Concepts to Real-Time Video Applications
Busch, C.; Funk, W.; Wolthusen, S.
Journal Article
1999Where Weather Meets the Eye - A Case Study on a Wide Range of Meterological Visualizations for Diverse Audience
Haase, H.; Bock, M.; Hergenroether, E.; Knöpfle, C.; Koppert, H.-J.; Schröder, F.; Trembilski, A.; Weidenhausen, J.
Conference Paper
1993Graceful degradation and scalability in digital coding for terrestrial transmission
Schamel, G.
Conference Paper
1988Components of a ten-channel coherent HDTV/TV distribution system
Bachus, E.-J.; Braun, R.-P.; Caspar, C.; Foisel, H.-M.; Goralczyk, H.; Grossmann, E.; Heimes, K.; Keil, N.; Menow, D.; Strebel, B.; Weickhmann, M.; Westphal, J.
Conference Paper
1988Wideband communications. Terminals in the year 2000
Romahn, G.
Journal Article
1986Investigation of television standards converters
Reuter, T.
Journal Article
1982Subscriber stations in service integrated optical broad band communications systems
Buenning, H.; Kreutzer, H.W.; Schmidt, F.
Journal Article