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2020Patterning of transparent polymers using high-throughput methods: Application in flexible perovskite solar cells with enhanced light trapping
Soldera, Marcos; Wang, Qiong; Soldera, Flavio; Lang, Valentin; Abate, Antonio; Lasagni, Andrés-Fabián
Conference Paper
2018Light Attenuation Model to Predict Nominal Power of Modules with Light-Scattering Ceramic Printed Front Glasses
Kutter, C.; Wilson, H.R.; Pfreundt, A.; Heinrich, M.; Wirth, H.
Conference Paper
2011Effects and elimination of nanoporosity in transparent sintered spinel (MgAl2O4)
Krell, A.; Waetzig, K.; Klimke, J.
Conference Paper
2003System for angle-resolved and total light scattering, transmittance, and reflectance measurements of optical components at 157 nm and 193 nm
Gliech, S.; Geßner, H.; Duparre, A.
Conference Paper
2003VULSTAR: A laser based system for measuring light scattering, transmittance, and reflectance at 157 nm and 193 nm
Duparre, A.; Gliech, S.; Benkert, N.
Book Article
2003VUV light scattering measurements of substrates and thin film coatings
Hultaker, A.; Gliech, S.; Benkert, N.; Duparre, A.
Conference Paper
1989Physics and applications of transparent insulation materials
Goetzberger, A.
Conference Paper
1989Transparent insulation materials - new perspectives for solar energy applications
Wittwer, V.
Conference Paper
1988Transparent insulation systems composed of different materials
Pflüger, A.; Platzer, W.; Wittwer, V.
Conference Paper