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2020Impact of the transition region between active area and edge termination on electrical performance of SiC MOSFET
Liu, S.; Cheng, X.; Zheng, L.; Sledziewski, T.; Erlbacher, T.; Sheng, L.; Yu, Y.
Journal Article
2006High rate deposition of tin-doped indium oxide films by reactive magnetron sputtering with unipolar pulsing and plasma emission feedback systems
Ohno, S.; Kawaguchi, Y.; Miyamura, A.; Sato, Y.; Song, P.K.; Yoshikawa, M.; Frach, P.; Shigesato, Y.
Journal Article
2003Impedance Control of Reactive Sputtering Process in Mid-Frequency Mode with Dual Cathodes to Deposit Al-Doped ZnO Films
Kon, M.; Song, P.K.; Shigesato, Y.; Frach, P.; Ohno, S.; Suzuki, K.
Journal Article
2003Magnetically enhanced RF discharges for effective pre-treatment of plastic webs at high speed
Rank, R.; Wünsche, V.; Günther, S.
Journal Article
2003Plasma emission control of reactive sputtering process in mid-frequency mode with dual cathodes to deposit photocatalytic TiO2 films
Ohno, S.; Sato, D.; Kon, M.; Song, P.K.; Yoshikawa, M.; Suzuki, K.; Frach, P.; Shigesato, Y.
Conference Paper