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2002Current status of models for transient phenomena in dopant diffusion and activation
Pichler, P.; Stiebel, D.
Journal Article
2002Current understanding and modeling of boron-interstitial clusters
Pichler, P.
Conference Paper
2001A reduced approach for modeling the influence of nanoclusters and {113}-defects on transient enhanced diffusion
Stiebel, D.; Pichler, P.; Cowern, N.E.B.
Journal Article
1998On the Asymmetrical Behavior of Transient Enhanced Diffusion in Pre-Amorphized Si Wafers
Alquier, D.; Cowern, N.E.B.; Pichler, P.; Armand, C.; Martinez, A.; Mathiot, D.; Omri, M.; Claverie, A.
Conference Paper
1997Low energy implantation and transient enhanced diffusion
Cowern, N.E.B.; Collart, E.J.H.; Politiek, J.; Bancken, P.H.L.; Berkum, J.G.M. van; Kyllesbech Larsen, K.; Stolk, P.A.; Huizing, H.G.A.; Pichler, P.; Burenkov, A.; Gravensteijn, D.J.
Conference Paper