Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Practical Comparison between View Factor Method and Ray-Tracing Method for Bifacial PV System Yield Prediciton
Kang, J.; Jang, J.; Reise, C.; Lee, K.
Conference Paper
2018Predicting Yields of Bifacial PV Power Plants - What Accuracy is Possible?
Chiodetti, M.; Kang, J.; Reise, C.; Lindsay, A.
Conference Paper
2018Rapid Calculation of the Backsheet Coupling Gain Using Ray Groups
Pfreundt, A.; Mittag, M.; Heinrich, M.; Eitner, U.
Conference Paper
2015Innovative Technologien
Lange, Volker; Böhmer, Michael
Book Article
2015Overcoming systematic photocurrent calculation errors in ray tracing simulations
Wöhrle, N.; Greulich, J.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2015Realistic yield expectations for bifacial PV systems - an assessment of announced, predicted and observed benefits
Reise, C.; Schmid, A.
Conference Paper
2015Technical analysis and optimization of a high concentrating photovoltaic power tower
Ordóñez Moreno, K.; Heimsath, A.; Wiesenfarth, M.; Schöttl, P.; Nitz, P.
Conference Paper
2014Quantifying optical loss factors of small linear concentrating collectors for process heat application
Heimsath, A.; Bern, G.; Rooyen, D.W. van; Nitz, P.
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2014Schwergewichtig. Debugging von Embedded-Multicore-Systemen
Strebelow, Ronald
Journal Article
2013Die Ladung schlägt Alarm
Pelka, Michael; Thiele, Björn; Lammers, Wolfgang
Journal Article
2013Neue Ansätze für Tracing
Strebelow, Ronald
Journal Article
2013A predictive optical simulation model for the rear surface roughness of passivated silicon solar cells
Wöhrle, M.; Greulich, J.; Schwab, C.; Glatthaar, M.; Rein, S.
Journal Article
2013Systematic modeling of workflows in trace-based software debugging and optimization
Rafiq, Salman; Schmidt, Adriaan
Conference Paper
2007Wertschöpfung steigern
Bandow, G.
Book Article
2004Status und Perspektiven von Telematikanwendungen
Clausen, U.; Kraft, V.
Journal Article
2001Transporte optimieren. Logistik Report
Kraft, V.
Journal Article
1997Identifikationstechnologien. Ein Wegweiser durch Praxis und Forschung
: Jünemann, R.; Krämer, K.; Wölker, M.; Olszak, C.
Conference Proceedings
1993Visualization of flow simulation data in environmental modeling
Jung, V.
Book Article