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2019Novel Concepts for Miniaturized Photoacoustic-based Gas Sensing Devices
Scholz, Louisa
: Wöllenstein, Jürgen (Erstgutachter); Reindl, Leonhard M. (Zweitgutachter)
1989Effects of airborne pollutants on deterioration and aging behavior of materials
Krause, H.H.; Schmitt, D.; Ziegahn, K.-F.
Conference Paper
1989Vertical profiles of air pollutants in a severely damaged spruce forest depending on the amount of precipitation
Fritsche, U.; Gernert, M.; Schindler, C.
Conference Paper
1989What are the relative roles of biological production, micrometeorology, and photochemistry in controlling the flux of trace gases between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere?
Vitousek, P.M.; Denmead, O.T.; Fowler, D.; Johansson, C.; Kesselmeier, J.; Klemendtsson, L.; Meixner, F.X.; Mosier, A.R.; Schütz, H.; Stal, L.J.; Wahlen, M.
Conference Paper
1986Gravimetric calibration of standard gases
Beltz, N.; Jaeschke, W.; Meixner, F.X.
Journal Article