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2012International harmonization of toxicologic pathology nomenclature
Mann, P.C.; Vahle, J.; Keenan, C.M.; Baker, J.F.; Bradley, A.E.; Goodman, D.G.; Harada, T.; Herbert, R.; Kaufmann, W.; Kellner, R.; Nolte, T.; Rittinghausen, S.; Tanaka, T.
Journal Article
2008An analysis of the results from two-generation reproduction toxicity studies to assess the value of mating animals of the second (F1) generation for the detection of adverse treatment-related effects on reproductive performance
Myers, D.P.; Willoughby, C.R.; Bottomley, A.M.; Buschmann, J.
Conference Paper
1995Biological Treatment of TNT-Contaminated Soil by a Two-Stage Anaerobic/Aerobic Process
Daun, G.; Lenke, H.; Desiere, F.; Stolpmann, H.; Warrelmann, J.; Reuss, M.; Knackmuss, H.-J.
Book Article