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2019Influence of growth conditions and film thickness on the anodization behavior of sputtered aluminum films and the fabrication of nanorod arrays
Barth, Stephan; Derenko, Susan; Bartzsch, Hagen; Zywitzki, Olaf; Modes, Thomas; Patrovsky, Fabian; Fiehler, Vera; Uhlig, Tino; Frach, P.; Eng, L.M.
Journal Article
2017Anodization of sputtered substoichiometric aluminum oxide thin-films for improved nanorod array fabrication
Patrovsky, Fabian; Fiehler, Vera; Derenko, Susan; Barth, Stephan; Bartzsch, Hagen; Ortstein, Katrin; Frach, Peter; Eng, L.M.
Journal Article
2005The ultrasmoothness of diamond-like carbon surfaces
Moseler, M.; Gumbsch, P.; Casiraghi, C.; Ferrari, A.C.; Robertson, J.
Journal Article
2002Review of the fundamentals of thin-film growth
Kaiser, N.
Journal Article