Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2014Breakthroughs in photonics 2013: Organic nanostructures for antireflection
Schulz, Ulrike; Munzert, Peter; Rickelt, Friedrich; Kaiser, Norbert
Journal Article
2014Light scattering characterization of optical components – BRDF, BTDF and scatter losses
Schröder, Sven; Finck, Alexander von; Katsir, Dina; Zeitner, Uwe; Duparré, Angela
Conference Paper
2013Angle and wavelength resolved light scattering measurement of optical surfaces and thin films
Schröder, Sven; Unglaub, David; Fink, Alexander von; Hauptvogel, Matthias; Trost, Marcus; Herffurth, Tobias; Duparré, Angela; Stover, John
Conference Paper
2013Light scattering of interference coatings from the IR to the EUV spectral regions
Schröder, Sven; Trost, Marcus; Herffurth, Tobias; Finck, Alexander von; Duparré, Angela
Journal Article
2013Roughness, optical and wetting properties of nanostructured thin films
Schröder, Sven; Coriand, Luisa; Duparré, Angela
Conference Paper
2013Using light scattering to investigate damage-relevant imperfections of surfaces, coatings, and bulk materials
Schröder, Sven; Trost, Marcus; Herffurth, Tobias; Duparré, Angela
Conference Paper
1999ArF radiation resistance of optical coatings on CaF2 in relation to the surface finish of the substrate
Thielsch, R.; Heber, J.; Duparre, A.; Kaiser, N.; Mann, K.R.; Eva, E.
Conference Paper