Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Adhesive-free bonding of web-like plastic-metal combinations at low temperatures
Lehm, A.; Romstedt, D.; Schoenberner, V.; Meyer, H.T.; Eichler, M.
Conference Paper
2019Electrochromic metallo-supramolecular polymers showing visible and near-infrared light transmittance modulation
Schott, Marco; Niklaus, Lukas; Clade, Jürgen; Posset, Uwe
Journal Article
2003Characterization procedures for nanorough ultrahydrophobic surfaces with controlled optical matter
Flemming, M.; Reihs, K.; Duparre, A.
Conference Paper
2002Optical coatings with enhanced roughness for ultrahydrophobic, low-scatter applications
Duparre, A.; Flemming, M.; Steinert, J.; Reihs, K.
Journal Article
2001Laser damage studies on MgF2 thin films
Protopapa, M.L.; Thomasi, F. de; Perrone, M.R.; Piegari, A.; Masetti, E.; Ristau, D.; Quesnel, E.; Duparre, A.
Journal Article
1998Surface finish and optical quality of CaF2 for UV-lithography applications
Duparre, A.; Tielsch, R.; Kaiser, N.; Jakobs, S.; Mann, K.; Eva, E.
Conference Paper