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2017Thermoelectric Skutterudite/oxide nanocomposites
Moure, Alberto; Rull-Bravo, Marta; Abad, Begona; Campo, Adolfo del; Munoz Rojo, Miguel; Aguirre, Myriam Haydee; Jacquot, Alexandre; Fernandez, Jose F.; Martin-Gonzalez, Marisol
Journal Article
2016Chemical synthesis of iron antimonide (FeSb2) and its thermoelectric properties
Saleemi, Mohsin; Tafti, Mohsen Y.; Jacquot, Alexandre; Jägle, Martin; Johnsson, Mats; Toprak, Muhammet S.
Journal Article
2015The synthesis, structure, and electrical characterization of (SnSe)(1.2)TiSe2
Merrill, D.R.; Moore, D.B.; Ditto, J.; Sutherland, D.R.; Falmbigl, M.; Winkler, M.; Pernau, H.F.; Johnson, D.C.
Journal Article