Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2021Entwicklung eines neuartigen Power-to-Liquid-Verfahrens zur Herstellung von Dimethylether
Semmel, M.
2021LCA of a Battery Electric Vehicle using Renewable Electricity in the Entire Supply Chain
Sternberg, A.; Schaadt, A.
Book Article
2021Power-to-Methanol. Schlussbericht
Hadrich, M.J.; Roth, A.; Apfelbacher, A.
2021Upgrading the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste by Low Temperature Hydrothermal Processes
Sailer, G.; Knappe, V.; Poetsch, J.; Paczkowski, S.; Pelz, S.; Oechsner, H.; Bosilj, M.; Ouardi, S.; Müller, J.
Journal Article
2020Combination of Refractometry and Densimetry - A Promising Option for Fast Raw Methanol Analysis
Martens, M.; Hadrich, M.J.; Nestler, F.; Ouda, M.; Schaadt, A.
Journal Article
2020Energy Efficiency and Economic Assessment of Imported Energy Carriers Based on Renewable Electricity
Hank, C.; Sternberg, A.; Köppel, N.; Holst, M.; Smolinka, T.; Schaadt, A.; Hebling, C.; Henning, H.-M.
Journal Article
2018Pathways to an Integrated Energy System
Henning, H.-M.