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2018Validation of different SAC305 material models calibrated on isothermal tests using in-situ TMF measurement of thermally induced shear load
Kuczynska, Marta; Schafet, Natalja; Becker, Ulrich; Metasch, René; Röllig, Mike; Kabakchiev, Alexander; Weihe, Stefan
Journal Article
2013Cyclic deformation and lifetime of alloy 617B during thermo-mechanical fatigue
Maier, G.; Riedel, H.; Nieweg, B.; Somsen, C.; Eggeler, G.; Klöwer, J.; Mohrmann, R.
Journal Article
2009Fatigue life prediction of high temperature components in combustion engines and exhaust systems
Seifert, T.; Riedel, H.
Conference Paper
2006Fatigue life simulation for optimized exhaust manifold geometry
Mohrmann, R.; Seifert, T.; Willeke, W.; Hartmann, D.
Conference Paper
2006Thermo-mechanical material models for components of engines and power plants
Seifert, T.; Mohrmann, R.; Hartrott, P. von; Tandler, M.; Riedel, H.
Conference Paper