Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Heat haze effects in thermal chamber tensile tests on digital image correlation
Yuile, Adam; Schwerz, Robert; Röllig, Mike; Metasch, René; Wiese, Steffen
Conference Paper
2017Thermal analysis of a novel five-axis machine tool using measuring probe and R-test procedure
Brecher, Christian; Behrens, Jan; Klatte, Michel; Lee, Tae Hun; Tzanetos, Filippos
Conference Paper
2016Linear temperature sensors in high-voltage GaN-HEMT power devices
Reiner, Richard; Waltereit, Patrick; Weiss, Beatrix; Wespel, M.; Meder, Dirk; Mikulla, Michael; Quay, Rüdiger; Ambacher, O.
Conference Paper
2016A PVT collector concept with variable film insulation and low-emissivity coating
Lämmle, M.; Thoma, C.; Hermann, M.
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2015Comparison of modelled heat transfer and fluid dynamics of a flat plate solar air heating collector towards experimental data
Reichl, C.; Kramer, K.; Thoma, C.; Benovsky, P.; Lemée, T.
Journal Article
2013Air Collectors and Air Collector Systems - Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization
Welz, C.
2011Experimental characterization and technical evaluation on zeolites in different sized sorption thermal energy storage systems
Lass-Seyoum, Asnakech; Blicker, Mike; Borozdenko, Dimitry; Langhof, Timo; Friedrich, Thomas
Conference Paper
1997Electro-thermal circuit simulation using simulator coupling
Wünsche, S.; Clauß, C.; Schwarz, P.; Winkler, F.
Journal Article
1996A New Laboratory Dryer for Analyzing the Deterioration Kinetics of Biomaterials
Huber, S.; Menner, M.
Journal Article
1991Investigation of the thermal behaviour of high level waste glass in steel canisters during cooling and at equilibrium
Kahl, L.; Kroebel, R.; Storch, W.; Holton, L.K.; Dierks, R.D.
Journal Article