Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2018Cloud-based Plug and Work architecture of the IIC Testbed Smart Factory Web
Heymann, Sascha; Stojanovic, Ljiljana; Watson, Kym; Nam, S.; Song, B.; Gschossmann, H.; Schriegel, Sebastian; Jasperneite, Jürgen
Conference Paper
2018A Rapid Innovation Framework for Connected Mobility Applications
Pöhn, Daniela; Wessel, Sascha; Fischer, Felix; Braunsdorf, Oliver; Wenninger, Franz; Seydel, Dominique; Weiß, Gereon; Roscher, Karsten
: Freese-Wagner, Manuela (Hrsg.)
2017Design and architecture of an industrial IT security lab
Pfrang, Steffen; Kippe, Jörg; Meier, David; Haas, Christian
Conference Paper
2016A modular testbed using centralised data exchange for Autonomous Navigation Systems
Oeffner, Johannes
2014Prototyping machine-to-machine applications for emerging smart cities in developing countries
Mwangama, Joyce; Elmangoush, Asma; Orimolade, Joseph; Ventura, Neco; Steinke, Ronald; Willner, Alexander; Corici, Andreea; Magedanz, Thomas
Conference Paper
2011Emerging testing trends and the Panlab enabling infrastructure
Wahle, S.; Tranoris, C.; Denazis, S.; Gavras, A.; Koutsopoulos, K.; Magedanz, T.; Tompros, S.
Journal Article
2011OpenEPC: A technical infrastructure for early prototyping of NGMN testbeds
Corici, M.; Gouveia, F.; Magedanz, T.; Vingarzan, D.
Conference Paper
2010A diameter-based testing system in next generation mobile network
Thanh, T.Q.; Vingarzan, D.; Rebahi, Y.; Magedanz, T.
Conference Paper
2009Control of resources in Pan-European testbed federation
Gavras, A.; Hrasnica, H.; Wahle, S.; Lozano, D.; Mischler, D.; Denazis, S.
Book Article
2009Technical infrastructure for a Pan-European federation of testbeds
Wahle, S.; Magedanz, T.; Gavras, A.; Hrasnica, H.; Denazis, S.
Conference Paper
2008From NGN to future internet testbed management - collaborative testbeds as enabler for cross-technology, cross-layer, and cross-domain communication and network research
Magedanz, T.; Schreiner, F.; Wahle, S.
Journal Article
2008Modular exposure of next generation network services to enterprises and testbed federations
Schreiner, F.; Wahle, S.; Blum, N.; Magedanz, T.
Conference Paper
2008Network domain federation - an architectural view on how to federate testbeds
Wahle, S.; Magedanz, T.
2007IMS playground in Pan-European network of testbeds - benefits and challenges
Witaszek, D.; Gouveia, F.; Wahle, S.; Magedanz, T.
Conference Paper
1999Metacomputing in the gigabit testbed west
Eickermann, T.; Hommes, F.
Conference Paper