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20083D presence - a system concept for multi-user and multi-party immersive 3D video conferencing
Schreer, O.; Feldmann, I.; Atzpadin, N.; Eisert, P.; Kauff, P.; Belt, H.J.W
Conference Paper
2007Aspects of team communication with multi-party video conferencing
Stocklöw, Carsten; Steuernagel, Michael; Berres, Armin; Krafzig, Urs; Noll, Stefan
2007A graphical user interface for multiparty videoconferencing
Steuernagel, Michael
: Noll, Stefan (Supervisor); Stocklöw, Carsten (Betreuer)
Master Thesis
2003Audio/video communication: An overview of the state-of-the-art applications and standards
Nazari Shirehjini, A.A.
2003Modellbildung und Methodik für die integrationsbasierte Telekooperation in der Produktentstehung
Lukas, U. von
: Urban, B. (Prüfer); Encarnacao, J.L. (Prüfer); Krause, F.-L. (Prüfer)
2003Platform for distributed multimedia environments supporting arbitrarily nested team structures
Nazari Shirehjini, A.A.; Guddat, H.; Schiffner, N.; Noll, S.
Conference Paper
2003Produktentwicklung mit Virtual Reality und Teleconferencing
Klocke, F.; Straube, A.M.; Kruijff, E.P.C.; Nikitin, I.
Journal Article
2002Applied immersive telepresence systems
Krafzig, U.
Conference Paper
2002Digital watermarking for secure and adaptive teleconferencing
Vorbrüggen, J.C.; Thorwirth, N.J.
Conference Paper
2001Einsatz von LDAP in einer Telekooperationsumgebung
Faust, R.; Lukas, U. von
Conference Paper
2001Fast hybrid block- and pixel-recursive disparity analysis for real-time applications in immersive teleconference scenarios
Kauff, P.; Brandenburg, N.; Karl, M.; Schreer, O.
Conference Paper
2001Real-time disparity analysis for applications in immersive teleconference scenarios-a comparative study
Schreer, O.; Brandenburg, N.; Kauff, P.
Conference Paper
2000Audiokommunikation für Telekonferenzen
Chodura, H.
Conference Paper
2000High definition television (HDTV): Markets and applications
Schäfer, R.
Journal Article
1999Advantages and disadvantages of a 3D virtual environment for supporting informal communication in distributed workgroups compared with a Text-chat and a Chat/Cam system
Buss, R.; Muhlbach, L.; Runde, D.
Conference Paper
1997Anno 2012: Erinnerungen an unsere Zukunft - Substitutionsmöglichkeiten physischer Mobilität durch neue Technologien wie Virtual Reality, Multi-Media und Teleconferencing
Encarnacao, J.L.
Conference Paper
1997Overcoming human factors deficiencies of videocommunications systems by means of advanced image technologies
Suwita, A.; Bocker, M.; Muhlbach, L.; Runde, D.
Journal Article
1996Dynamic QoS control of multimedia applications based on RTP
Schulzrinne, H.; Busse, I.; Deffner, B.
Journal Article
1996An object-based system for stereoscopic videoconferencing with viewpoint adaptation
Ohm, J.-R.; Izquierdo, E.
Conference Paper
1996The status of HDTV in Europe
Schafer, R.
Journal Article
1996Video dynamic range compression of portrait images by simulated diffuse scene illumination
Blohm, W.
Journal Article
1995Aspects of the use of stereoscopic video technologies
Hopf, K.; Runde, D.; Feddersen, E.
Journal Article
1995Computer supported cooperative work and image analysis in teleradiology
Handels, H.; Hahn, C.; Miehe, J.; Will, A.; Bernardes, P.; Busch, C.; Kühn, V.; Rinast, E.; Putzar, H.; Rösler, K.
Conference Paper
1995Stereoscopic image technologies for multimedia applications exemplified by 3D videoconferences
Runde, D.; Bocker, M.; Muhlbach, L.
Conference Paper
1995Symbols for point-to-point videotelephony functions
Bocker, M.
Journal Article
1995Telepresence in videocommunications: A study on stereoscopy and individual eye contact
Muhlbach, L.; Bocker, M.; Prussog, A.
Journal Article
1994Advanced videocommunications with stereoscopy and individual perspectives
Hopf, K.; Runde, D.; Bocker, M.
Conference Paper
1994Telepresence in videocommunications
Prussog, A.; Muhlbach, L.; Bocker, M.
Conference Paper
1993Communicative presence in videocommunications
Bocker, M.; Muhlbach, L.
Conference Paper
1993Human factors of 3D displays in advanced image communications
Pastoor, S.
Journal Article
1993Remote conference interpreting using ISDN videotelephony: A requirements analysis and feasibility study
Bocker, M.; Anderson, D.
Conference Paper
1992User-friendly development of telecommunication services. Anthropo-technical research at the Heinrich Hertz Institute
Faber, J.; Muhlbach, L.; Pastoor, S.
Journal Article
1991Interactive work with videophone documents
Runde, D.; Hopf, K.; Rose, B.; Kolrep, H.; Prussog, A.
Journal Article
1990Procedures for convening multipoint videoconferences
Muhlbach, L.
Conference Paper
1989Multipoint teleconferences-investigations into uses, with different variations
Muhlbach, L.; Arif, M.; Hopf, K.; Romahn, G.
Journal Article
1988The acceptance of videoconferences in internal conversations of the German Post Office
Tonnemacher, J.
Journal Article
1988Terminals for multipoint teleconferences
Romahn, G.; Muhlbach, L.
Conference Paper
1987System aspects of multipoint videoconferencing
Romahn, G.
Conference Paper
1985Video conferences-the use and evaluation in several application areas
Otto, P.; Stransfeld, R.; Tonnemacher, J.
Journal Article
1985Video teleconferencing-first experiences with a multipoint experimental system
Romahn, G.; Kellner, B.; Muhlbach, L.
Journal Article
1981Teleconference design-a technical approach to satisfaction
Wilkens, H.; Plenge, G.
Journal Article
1979The influence of vision on the auditory direction when presenting speakers in teleconferences
Lehringer, F.J.
Journal Article
1979Problems of optimization of man-machine-contact presented by the teleconference model study
Wilkens, H.
Conference Paper