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2020Pyrocatalysis - The DCF assay as a pH-robust tool to determine the oxidation capability of thermally excited pyroelectric powders
Raufeisen, Sascha; Stelter, Michael; Bräutigam, Patrick
Journal Article
2019Prospecting electronic wastes - Which electronic devices allow for a viable recovery of tantalum?
Nieberl, Martin
2017Ta-Ni- and Ti-Al-braze-alloys for high temperature stable ceramic - ceramic junctions
Roszeitis, Sven
2009Structure and failure of Fcc/Bcc heterophase boundaries in metals
Hashibon, A.; Elsässer, C.; Gumbsch, P.
Conference Paper
1995Ultrafeine Pulver - Herstellung, Verarbeitung und Anwendungen
Günther, B.; König, T.; Meisel, R.L.
Conference Paper