Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2019Normalized Modeling of Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Based on Equivalence Transformation and Unit-Less Parameters
Mendonça, Lucas S.; Martins, Leandro T.; Radecker, Matthias; Bisogno, Fábio E.; Killat, Dirk
Journal Article
2018Designing and prototyping the control system for the Cherenkov Telescope Array
Oya, Igor; Füßling, Matthias; Antonino, Pablo Oliveira; Araya, Mauricio; Borkowski, Jerzy; Bulgarelli, A.; Castroviejo, J.; Colomé, Josep; Conforti, Vito; Garcia-Piquer, Alvaro; Guàrdia, Josep; Hagge, L.; Lyard, Etienne; Morgenstern, Andreas; Mayer, Michael; Melkumyan, David; Murach, Thomas; Pizarro, L.; Sadeh, Iftach H.; Schmidt, Torsten; Schwanke, Ullrich
Conference Paper
2016Opportunities and challenges of high renewable energy deployment and electricity exchange for North Africa and Europe - scenarios for power sector and transmission infrastructure in 2030 and 2050
Boie, Inga; Kost, Christoph; Bohn, Sven; Agsten, Michael; Bretschneider, Peter; Snigovyi, Oleksandr; Pudlik, Martin; Ragwitz, Mario; Schlegl, Thomas; Westermann, Dirk
Journal Article
2013Modeling complex information systems
Doerr, Joerg
Book Article
2013The system design life cycle
Priggouris, Nikolaos; Silva, Adeline de Sousa; Shawky, Markus; Persson, Magnus; Ibanez, Vincent; Machrouh, Joseph; Meledo, Nicolas; Baufreton, Philippe; Rementeria, Jason Mansell
Book Article
2009Multi-language development of embedded systems
Kuhn, Thomas; Kemmann, Sören; Trapp, Mario; Schäfer, Christian
Conference Paper
1998Counting interfaces for discrete time modeling
Richter, G.
1998Virtual test of complex mixed-signal telecommunication circuits reusing system-level models
Einwich, K.; Schwarz, P.; Trappe, P.; Chambers, T.; Krampl, G.; Zojer, H.; Sattler, S.
Conference Paper