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2014Clinical image-based procedures
: Erdt, Marius (Ed.); Linguraru, Marius George (Ed.); Oyarzun Laura, Cristina (Ed.); Shekhar, Raj (Ed.); Wesarg, Stefan (Ed.); González Ballester, Miguel Angel (Ed.); Drechsler, Klaus (Ed.)
Conference Proceedings
2014Development of an optical measurement system for hip implant surgery to evaluate the leg length and the hip rotation center
Grunert, Ronny; Kretzschmar, Christian; Rotsch, Christian; Werner, Michael; Prietzel, Torsten
2014The effect of stent graft oversizing on radial forces considering nitinol wire behavior and vessel characteristics
Senf, Björn; Sachsen, Sandra von; Neugebauer, Reimund; Drossel, Welf-Guntram; Florek, Hans-Joachim; Mohr, Friedrich Wilhelm; Etz, Christian Daniel
Journal Article, Conference Paper
2013Clinical image-based procedures. From planning to intervention
: Drechsler, Klaus (Ed.); Erdt, Marius (Ed.); Linguraru, Marius George (Ed.); Oyarzun Laura, Cristina (Ed.); Sharma, Karun (Ed.); Shekhar, Raj (Ed.); Wesarg, Stefan (Ed.)
Conference Proceedings
2012Deformable registration of MR images using a hierarchical patch based approach with a normalized metric quality measure
Erdt, Marius; Steger, Sebastian; Wesarg, Stefan
Conference Paper
2012Ein Prototyp zur Planung von Bohrpfaden für die minimal-invasive Chirurgie an der Otobasis
Gutbell, Ralf; Becker, Meike; Wesarg, Stefan
Conference Paper
2012Simulation of portal vein clamping and the impact of safety margins for liver resection planning
Drechsler, Klaus; Oyarzun Laura, Cristina
Conference Paper
2011Development of a surgical planning software for drilling at the lateral skull base
Gutbell, Ralf
: Becker, Meike (Betreuerin)
Master Thesis
2011A holistic approach using multimodal image-data for the support of cardiac surgery interventions
Friedl, Sven; Drechsler, Klaus; Oyarzun Laura, Cristina; Kuleschow, Andreas; Kondruweit, Markus; Wittenberg, Thomas
Conference Paper, Journal Article
2011A method for integrating finite element results in a surgical planning software for evaluating stent graft properties in endovascular surgery
Sachsen, Sandra von; Senf, Björn; Neugebauer, Reimund; Etz, C.D.; Florek, Hans-Joachim
Conference Paper
2011Planning of high precision surgery at the lateral skull base
Wesarg, Stefan; Becker, Meike; Hakimi, Wissam el
Conference Paper
2008Autonomous navigation assistant for MRI guided interventions
Friebe, M.; Sachtler, D.; Hellwig, S.; Schlüter, M.; Sakas, Georgios; Jorczyck, U.
Conference Paper
2001ICAPS - An Integrative Computer-Assisted Planning System for Pedicle Screw Insertion
Voss, G.; Bisler, A.; Bockholt, U.; Müller-Wittig, W.K.; Schäffer, A.
Conference Paper
2000Innovative Approaches in Computer-Assisted Surgery
Bockholt, U.; Voss, G.; Müller, W.K.
Conference Paper
1997Virtual Reality in endonasal surgery
Hilbert, M.; Müller, W.K.
Conference Paper