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2021Detection of atmospheric pressure plasma-induced removal of fingerprints via analysis of histograms obtained by imaging ellipsometry
Koulouris, Nikolas Aristotelis; Tasche, Daniel; Scheglov, Anna; Mrotzek, Julia; Gerhard, Christoph; Viöl, Wolfgang
Journal Article
2013Improved fault detection for inline optical inspections by evaluation of NIR images
Eigenbrod, Hartmut
Conference Paper
2012Enrichment of metal ions in virgin Si-surfaces
Meißner, D.; Meyer, S.; Anspach, O.
Journal Article
2004Preparation of contaminated monitor surfaces
Schmauz, G.; Schüle, A.; Gerami Sarabi, L.
Conference Paper
1998Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for polymer identification
Sattmann, R.; Mönch, I.; Krause, H.; Noll, R.; Couris, S.; Hatziapostolou, A.; Mavromanolakis, A.; Fotakis, C.; Larrauri, E.; Miguel, R.
Journal Article
1996Hydrogen radical processing-in-situ semiconductor surface cleaning for epitaxial regrowth
Kunzel, H.; Hase, A.; Griebenow, U.
Conference Paper
1993Electron probe microanalysis of submicron coatings containing ultralight elements
Willich, P.; Bethke, R.
Journal Article