Hier finden Sie wissenschaftliche Publikationen aus den Fraunhofer-Instituten.
2020Assessing the influence of supercritical carbon dioxide on the electrochemical reduction to formic acid using carbon-supported copper catalysts
junge Puring, Kai; Evers, Olga; Prokein, Michael; Siegmund, Daniel; Scholten, Fabian; Mölders, Nils; Renner, Manfred; Roldan Cuenya, Beatriz; Petermann, Marcus; Weidner, Eckhard; Apfel, Ulf-Peter
Journal Article
2018Impregnation via supercritical CO2 - what we know and what we need to know
Weidner, Eckhard
Journal Article
2016Measurement of solubility, viscosity, density and interfacial tension of the systems tristearin and CO2 and rapeseed oil and CO2
Ilieva, Pavlinka; Kilzer, Andreas; Weidner, Eckhard
Journal Article
2016Microcrystalline cellulose processing with supercritical CO2 in alkylmethlimidazolium chloride ionic liquids
Bermejo, M.D.; Lopes, Joana M.; Martín, Ángel; Sanchez, Francisco A.; Rodriguez Reartes, S. Belen; Kareth, Sabine; Weidner, Eckhard; Cocero, M. Jose
2015High pressure vegetable tanning of sheepskins using supercritical carbon dioxide
Önem, Ersin; Gülümser, Gürbüz; Renner, Manfred; Yesil-Celiktas, Özlem
Journal Article
2015Pressurized fluid extraction (PFE) of valonea tannin with binary H2O-CO2 and ternary H2O-CH3OH-CO2 systems and phase equilibrium studies
Önem, Ersin; Gülümser, Gürbüz; Renner, Manfred; Oelbermann, Anna Luisa; Yesil-Celiktas, Ozlem Yesil
Journal Article
2011Neue Technologien zur Herstellung thermoplastischer Pulver
Eloo, C.; Rechberger, M.
Conference Paper
2010PGSS-drying. Mechanisms and modeling
Martín, Á.; Weidner, E.
Journal Article
2009Phase equilibria of carbon dioxide + poly ethylene glycol + water mixtures at high pressure: Measurements and modelling
Martín, Á.; Pham, H.M.; Kilzer, A.; Kareth, S.; Weidner, E.
Journal Article
2007Innovative Malzextraktpulver - Einsatz neuer Sprühverfahren
Gründer, S.; Voigt, J.; Kilzer, A.; Weidner, E.
Journal Article
2007Phase equilibria and physical properties of CO2-saturated cocoa butter mixtures at elevated pressures
Venter, M.J.; Willems, P.; Kareth, S.; Weidner, E.; Kuipers, N.J.M.; Haan, A.B. de
Journal Article
2005Decontamination of ethnological collections using supercritical carbon dioxide
Tello, H.; Jelen, E.; Unger, A.
Journal Article
2005Decontamination of ethnological objects with supercritical carbon dioxide
Tello, H.; Unger, A.; Gockel, F.; Jelen, E.
Conference Paper
2003Pulverlacke integriert - mit Hochdruck generiert
Herm, M.; Buback, M.; Beuermann, S.; Weidner, E.; Petermann, M.
Book Article
2003Untersuchungen zur Dekontamination holzschutzmittelbelasteter Kulturgüter durch Extraktion mit überkritischem Kohlendioxid
Jelen, E.; Weber, A.; Michalsky, R.; Unger, A.; Eisbein, M.; Gockel, F.
Journal Article